May 01, 2023

13 Facts Regarding Dentures You Didn’t Know

If you have more than a few teeth missing and want to enjoy the advantages of a complete smile, dentures can help. It is one of the most affordable tooth replacement choices. dentures near you are a set of fully functioning teeth that feel and appear the same as the original teeth. Today, there are different kinds of dentures available for different reasons. Read below to understand some interesting denture facts. 

Denture Facts

Here we will list some amazing facts about dentures:

They Are Customizable

The dental professional tailors each denture according to each patient. For this, he/she takes a digital impression of the mouth and sends this to the dental laboratory. 

Dentures Cannot Feel the Temperature

Dentures do not have receptors. It makes it difficult to tell an individual if the temperature is too hot or too cold. It mainly happens when we have tooth decay. Therefore, be aware when eating extremely hot or cold foods and beverages because they might damage your denture. 

Dentures Are Rarely Noticeable

Modern dentures are of premium quality and custom-made. The dental professional mold them as per the gum line and jaw of the patient. It makes the dentures look and feel natural and barely noticeable. 

Dentures Are Ideal for Every Age Group

Many people believe that dentures are only suitable for seniors. However, this assumption is not true. These dental restorations are ideal for everyone – young people and seniors. 

Dentures Need Routine Care

To keep your denture in optimal condition, the dentist recommends regular care and cleaning, the same as the original teeth. You can use a special cleaning solution to get rid of debris and bacterial buildup from the denture. Also, make sure you keep up brushing your gums. 

A Few Drugs Can Affect the Wear and Fit of Dentures

The medicine you take can affect the denture fit and wearing ability. Few medicines can minimize saliva production in the mouth. It makes it tough to chew or swallow food. So, tell the dentist at Family Dental Care – Calumet City about the medications you consume. 

Immersing the Denture Overnight Can Kill about 99.9% of Germs

Soaking the denture overnight can help to kill about 99.9% of bacteria on the dental prosthetic. 

Your Denture Might Requires Relining

With time, the jawbone can alter. Due to this, dentures can shift around and get loose. So, seeing a dentist in Calumet City is essential to readjust your denture. 

Apart from Aesthetic Benefits, They Do Much More to Enhance Your Look. 

For example, dentures also prevent nearby teeth from moving into the space created by the missing tooth/teeth. It leads to jaw issues or other oral health problems. These dental restorations also prevent the sunken cheek appearance caused by aging. 

Dentures Are Temporary 

As time passes, dentures start degrading and losing their function. That is why a routine visit to the dental office is essential to get your restoration checked. The common causes could be looseness caused by tissue changes, bad smell due to the absorption of bacteria and fluid, or change in color due to age, calculus, stain deposits, or reaction to mouth fluids. 

These Restorations Can Take Some Time to Get Used To

Before the dentist fits the denture, he/she eliminates the underlying teeth to ensure a perfect fit. Sometimes, it can result in gum tenderness. Your mouth will require some time to adjust to the dentures. Therefore, it is essential to stay patient during this time. 

Depending on the denture type and care, a full or partial denture will stay for 5 to 7 years before requiring replacement. The patient also needs to reline it every 2 to 3 years. 

Patients Can Savor Easy to Chew Foods

After you get a denture, you will feel slight tenderness in your gum. Dentist 60409 recommends patients select foods that cause less pressure in the mouth and do not need much chewing. 

Singing Can Help to Pronounce Correctly

When you get a denture for the first time, it makes it tough to pronounce certain words with your new teeth. Singing can enhance speaking ability because it keeps the mouth wide. Also, the denture will feel more natural speedily. 

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