3 Types of Dental Emergencies You Should Not Ignore
Feb 26, 2019

3 Types of Dental Emergencies You Should Not Ignore

Dental emergencies can strike at anytime and anywhere when you don’t even expect it. Your tooth hurts while taking cold beverages but with time it goes away and you tend to ignore visiting a dentist.

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether a dental emergency is there or not. Always ensure to contact the dentist if you have any concerns regarding the dental emergency. A dentist in South Chicago can assess the problem over the phone and determine whether you need immediate attention.

3 types of dental emergencies you should not ignore-

  • The tooth is knocked out
  • If a permanent tooth gets knocked out, never put off going to the dentist. To save a tooth, see an emergency dentist in Calumet City within an hour.

    If you can replace it into its area, this could be the best. If not, put your tooth in a small container and soak it in water or milk and some salt which will keep it moist. If dentists aren’t able to refit it in time, you may require dental implant surgery.

  • A Broken Tooth or Lost Restoration
  • Teeth can break due to dental decay or biting on something hard. You may lose an old restoration such as a crown or filling which is prone to further damage and cause infection.

    Gather the pieces of your tooth or restoration and take them to the dentist in Eastside Chicago as soon as possible. Dentist at Family Dental Care recommends crown, veneer or dental bonding to restore the tooth.

  • A Toothache
  • Severe tooth pain should not be ignored if it is constant and doesn’t go away. The severe pain could be an indication of infection in your tooth.

    Dentist in Oak Lawn recommends this won’t resolve on its own and root canal therapy may be required to remove the infection and restore your tooth.

    If they are left undiagnosed or untreated results in tooth loss, so don’t delay contacting your emergency dentist in Evergreen Park.

    Visit a dentist near you in case of any dental emergency and get them treated without any delay.

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