Affected by Common Orthodontic Issues
Nov 15, 2021

Affected by Common Orthodontic Issues: Consider Invisalign for Correcting the Problems

Many people are affected by orthodontic problems leaving them with crooked teeth positioned incorrectly. In addition, people not receiving orthodontic treatments during childhood with traditional metal brackets and wires continue to face challenges when maintaining dental hygiene and regularly schedule dental visits for tooth decay and cavities treatments. Unfortunately, people think every orthodontic problem is similar without getting the issue bothering them evaluated by dentists.

Adults do not prefer metal brackets and wires in their mouths because it creates an ungainly appearance, and the braces must remain in place for at least three years or more. Fortunately, if people consider visiting dentist 60805 to evaluate their teeth, the professional will likely surprise them, providing an alternative to traditional orthodontic braces.

Conventional orthodontic braces were indeed the optimal solution for straightening teeth and still retain their credibility. However, orthodontic treatments dramatically changed in the late 90s when Invisalign introduced a revolutionary clear aligners treatment in the market for candidates between 14 and 40. The clear aligners treatment is available from Invisalign through their certified provider, the dentist in 60805. Therefore instead of expressing reluctance to receive traditional orthodontic treatments, it helps if people visit this dentist to determine whether they qualify for Invisalign treatment.

What Are the Criteria to Qualify for Invisalign Treatment?

Most people think crooked teeth are merely crooked teeth and nothing more. Unfortunately, most don’t realize the severity of the condition affecting them determines whether the problem with their teeth is best corrected using traditional braces, clear aligners, or needs surgery. The optimal professional to assess the severity of the condition is an orthodontist or dentist experienced in these matters.

Not every orthodontic issue is severe. Many people are affected by mild to moderate conditions leaving them with overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites, gaps in their teeth, crooked teeth, and crowded teeth. These are people who qualify for the clear aligners treatment delivered by Invisalign. Unfortunately, people with severe afflictions must rely on orthodontic treatments or may even require surgery to comprehensively correct the problem.

What Happens When People Contact the Invisalign Provider?

People contacting the Invisalign provider will observe that the professional assesses their suitability for the treatment, allowing them to ask questions on their minds. After the assessment, if found suitable, the professional captures images of people’s teeth using a 3D intraoral scanner and allows people to view the changes they can expect with Invisalign treatment. A few weeks later, people receive their clear aligners they must begin to wear over their teeth right away. The clear aligners people receive are for wearing over the teeth for 2 to 3 weeks. However, the treatment doesn’t end within a month and requires at least 12 to 18 months. Invisalign delivers a fresh batch of clear aligners every three weeks when people must replace the existing set on their teeth with a new one.

What Happens after People Begin Treatment with Clear Aligners?

Treatment with clear aligners has become immensely popular globally, especially among adults. The clear and removable alternative to conventional braces is a treatment favored by many adults to treat mild to moderate imperfections with their teeth.

When people begin treatment with Invisalign clear aligners, they receive instructions from the provider to retain the aligners over their teeth for at least 20 to 22 hours every day. The removable aligners are best removed for eating and maintaining excellent dental hygiene. However, the braces must return to people’s teeth immediately after. Compromising the timeline, the aligners must remain on the teeth will delay treatment results requiring more investments from people for additional aligners than initially planned.

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, ensuring no one notices people are wearing them over their teeth. In addition, the treatment with clear aligners allows people to continue enjoying the foods and beverages they love and to maintain acceptable dental hygiene practices. So long as people follow the dentist’s instructions, they can expect credible results within the treatment time specified during their initial consultation.

Clear aligners do not have any wires or brackets and are comfortably removable. However, people must visit the Invisalign provider every six to eight weeks to assess their progress and to collect their new batch of aligners. It indicates monthly visits to orthodontists are eliminated so is the discomfort associated with conventional braces.

After completing their treatment, people are recommended to wear removable retainers to ensure their teeth don’t revert to their earlier positions to leave people with crooked teeth all over again. The Invisalign provider determines how long people must wear the retainers to maintain the new appearance of their teeth appearing straighter and allowing people to smile without fear.

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