Mar 25, 2018

Bone Grafting: What It Is & How It Helps

A healthy smile is the first step to a healthy body. That includes your gums and jaw bone. Your jaw bone is an essential part of keeping your gums and teeth stable and healthy. At times, people require a jaw bone graft. Bone grafting reconstructs the jaw bone and is vital for your teeth. When you have a missing tooth, it begins to recede. Read on to learn more about bone grafting and how it helps your smile.

  • Bone grafting after an extraction. If you are having a tooth extracted, then your dentist at Family Dental Care™ may recommend a bone graft to fill the area where the tooth once was. This typically takes just one visit to your dentist to complete. You may need to come back the next day and again a week later so your dentist can check on the healing process.

  • Bone grafting after a mild bone loss. The bone may already have been restored if your tooth has been missing for a while. In this case, your dentist may use bone in another area of your mouth to rebuild the area. Your body will readily accept it as it is your own bone. You may need to take antibiotics to fight off infections. This circumstance has longer healing time.

  • Bone grafting after an extensive bone loss. Similar to a mild bone loss, when a tooth has been missing for an even longer time you will require a larger bone graft. The healing time depends on how much bone grafting is needed.

Nearby Bone Grafting

There are many benefits to bone grafting. The grafting procedure takes about a half-hour and is a common way to achieve a healthier smile. Talk to your dentist at Family Dental Care™ to see if bone grafting is needed for you.

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