Can Invisalign fix a snaggle tooth
Jul 06, 2022

Can Invisalign Fix a Snaggle Tooth?

Do you have a snaggle tooth and wonder what your options are to fix it? Snaggle teeth are irregular or projecting teeth growing out of alignment with others. If you have more than one snaggle tooth, you find it beneficial to get braces.

However, if all your teeth are relatively straight and you have merely one snaggle tooth might have apprehensions about whether braces are worth the trouble. You might think there are other options available to treat the condition.

If you have a problem with one snaggle tooth, here is the information on fixing it.

What Causes Snaggle Teeth?

Many reasons contribute to the crookedness of your teeth. Generally, snaggle teeth result from overcrowding, indicating that isn’t sufficient room in your mouth for your teeth. The conditions your teeth in or out create crooked or protruding teeth.

Other causes also exist for a snaggle tooth. The size of your teeth might be too large for your mouth; you may have lost your baby teeth prematurely, you grind your teeth frequently, et cetera. There are various reasons why your teeth become misaligned over time.

Is a Snaggle Tooth a Problem?

Everyone emphasizes the importance of straightening your teeth for your oral health. However, is it also a problem if you have one tooth out of position?

Snaggle teeth don’t cause severe risks to your oral health like other orthodontic conditions. However, they have the potential to create problems, especially with your bite. Crooked teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria to remain trapped, making them challenging to clean. As your teeth constantly shift with age, snaggle teeth can become uncomfortable, creating more significant complications.

In addition, seeking treatment for a snaggle tooth can improve your confidence in your smile. If you have one snaggle tooth impacting your smile with the rest remaining straight, it can make you self-conscious and encourage you to hide your teeth. Fortunately, straightening the snaggle tooth can make you feel secure when showing your teeth.

Treating a Snaggle Tooth with Invisalign

If you consider treating a snaggle tooth, you might think braces are the only option available and might be reluctant to commit to the treatment for merely one tooth. However, if you visit our dentist in Chicago, IL, you will express happiness at the dentist’s multiple options for treating a snaggle tooth depending on its misalignment. Eventually, the treatment recommended by the professional will depend on the severity of your snaggle tooth.

Traditional braces are undoubtedly an option for treating a snaggle tooth similar to other misaligned teeth. If your snaggle tooth is severely misaligned, the dentist recommends snaggle tooth braces as they are the gold standard for severe misalignment. Currently, advances in dentistry make available different types of braces like mini braces and clear braces. The different varieties of braces make them discreet and their metal counterparts.

You can expect some discomfort with braces initially. However, they offer an effective remedy, especially for severe cases of misalignment, and can also help adjust the jawbone besides fixing any problems emanating from a crooked jaw.

Invisalign is another option to treat mild or moderate misaligned snaggle teeth. Invisalign works faster than traditional braces and is more subtle. Invisalign braces are removable but need wearing for the better part of the day and night. The removable feature is best used for eating, drinking, and maintaining excellent dental hygiene. The dentist will determine whether Invisalign is suitable for your snaggle tooth because Invisalign cannot adjust the jaw or fix severe alignment issues. Unfortunately, if you are unsuitable for Invisalign, you will need an alternative method for treating your snaggle tooth.

Invisalign treats many orthodontic problems providing you a discreet option to straighten teeth with virtually invisible clear aligners. Unfortunately, they work best with mild to moderate misalignment conditions, and severe cases are better treated with traditional braces.

However, Invisalign might help treat your snaggle tooth if it isn’t severely misaligned. If your dentist determines you are unsuitable for Invisalign, they will discuss other options with you, such as tooth contouring or dental arch adjustment, and walk you through your options on what they consider best for your specific situation.

Expect the dentist to examine your mouth and jaw and inquire about your dental history before walking you through your options. They will make the best effort possible to ensure you have a confident and straighter smile by providing a suitable remedy for your snaggle tooth.

If you are concerned about a snaggle tooth and want to have a straighter smile, Family Dental Care — Chicago provides a remedy best suited for your situation. Kindly schedule an appointment with the practice to treat the odd tooth in your mouth.

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