Dec 01, 2019

Correct Your Smile with Maxillofacial Surgery This Christmas

Teeth are an integral part of your face and personality. With the advancement of medical science, now you have the liberty to reach a permanent solution to your dental disorders. There are dental conditions, defects, or injuries that cannot be concealed with dental veneers or teeth whitening.

During Christmas, you need not hide your face due to the facial injuries or deformed jaws. Maxillofacial surgery is here to your rescue. Maxillofacial surgeons aid in curing craniofacial fracture or accidental fractures of the lower jaw. Often, maxillofacial surgeons treat tissue injuries of the face, nose, or cheekbones.

What is Maxillofacial Surgery?

Maxillofacial surgery is a specialized branch of medicine, which comprises of both surgical as well as a cosmetic treatment. Surgeons are trained to treat a wide range of deformations ranging from facial as well as skeletal formation, oral cavities, and deformed jaws.

This branch of treatment is a combination of contemporary medicine and cosmetic dentistry. Be it impacted teeth dental implants, congenital facial deformation, or facial trauma. Maxillofacial surgery treats all. In recent times, maxillofacial surgeons treat even oral cancer and joint disorders. The maxillofacial surgeons can also reconstruct deformed or broken jaws.

Treatments Involving Maxillofacial Surgery

The maxillofacial surgery may be classified as: –

Tooth Extraction

You might often have suffered from the pain of wisdom tooth. Possibly the tooth is deprived of sufficient space and cannot grow properly. Here comes maxillofacial surgery to your rescue. Minor surgery is done to remove the impacted tooth and relieve you of the pain.

Even a broken tooth might be needed to be extracted that may have broken due to the impact of an accident. These are routine procedures and administered with the application of sedation dentistry.

Orthognathic Surgery

The corrective jaw surgery is a more complex procedure and might be administered when orthodontics is not enough to set right a misaligned bite. Surgical treatments are necessary to correct abnormalities or severe orthodontic conditions.

Often the skeletal problems or deformations cannot be fixed without surgery. The ones of the jaws and faces need to be reshaped and repositioned. Often the teeth and jaws are realigned to provide the perfect shape of your mouth. You can get rid you the irregular jaws and feel more confident during the Christmas with a flawless smile.

Palate Surgery

Also known as cleft surgery, it is done by maxillofacial surgeons to correct the faulty facial structure caused by congenital disabilities. Reconstructive surgery is also done by maxillofacial surgeons to cure traumatic dental injury. Facial trauma can be a result of a workplace injury or an auto accident.

Even for oral cancer or removal of the facial tumors, maxillofacial surgery finds the application. The surgeons are specialized in reconstructing and repairing facial structures and are vastly experienced in working with soft and hard tissues of the human body.


Maxillofacial surgery can also be used to cure sleeping apnea. Customized mouth guards are used to reducing sleeping apnea, but surgery can cure apnea permanently. Dental implants are preferred by patients to enhance the beauty and to ease the pain of a broken tooth.

Based on the state of the jaw, a bone grafting procedure is also done by maxillofacial surgeons to impart proper balance to the jaw. The extensive clinical experience that these dental professionals possess can make you trust them. You do not need to go far; you can find dentists near you at Chicago or Oak Lawn.

Effects of Maxillofacial Surgery

The latest entry in the field of cosmetic dentistry- maxillofacial surgery has the least side effects apart from leaving a dent in the pocket. Yes, these surgeries cost a ton, but the results are genuinely enthralling. Often patients find it difficult to recognize themselves after the surgery.

The jaw surgeries are safe and performed by vastly experienced surgeons, and the only side effect is blood loss. You might need to be supplemented with blood during the operation.

The receded upper jaw or crossbite reconstruction is a lengthy process, and patients suffering from heart ailments require more attention. The mandibular osteotomy of the lower jaw is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry.

Unlike most other surgeries, maxillofacial surgeries do not leave external scars or marks as the corrective operations are performed entirely within the mouth.

It is safe to undergo corrective measures of your jaw, and you can consult Family Dental Care and gift your family members a smiling Christmas with maxillofacial surgery. We are here to help you with your smile.

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