How Dental Sealants Outweigh Your Potential Tooth Decay
Sep 01, 2020

How Dental Sealants Outweigh Your Potential Tooth Decay

Proper oral care is vital for your overall health, and dental sealants are ideal in protecting you and your child against cavities. Dental fissure sealants are applied to your child’s molar surfaces to prevent tooth decay. They prevent sticky food and plaque deposition on your molar crevices.

It would be best if you undergo the placement of dental sealants near you, and avoid potential risk factors related to teeth decay. Your oral health specialist may recommend you to ensure your children have sealants when their molars develop to prevent early decay.

What’s a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant refers to a tooth-colored film that’s applied on your molar teeth fissures, vulnerable to decay. The plastic fillings seal your natural teeth grooves, and prevent decay and avoid extensive restorative procedures in the future. They prevent the build-up of plaque that eats away your enamel, causing severe decay.

Your children are ideal candidates for fissure sealants once their first teeth erupt from their gum line. Your dentist examines their dental status and determines whether sealants will be helpful. Your dentist can use preventive sealants to address detected signs of decay during your dental exam.

Why You Need Dental Sealants

Your molar and premolar teeth fissures are deep and are difficult to clean. Soft-bristled toothbrushes can’t clean the narrow grooves effectively.

The chewing surfaces become vulnerable to decay due to the accumulation of plaque at the crevices. Bacterially manifested plague produces an acid that eats away your enamel, leading to the development of severe cavities and tooth decay.

Fluoride treatment is useful in protecting your tooth surfaces from decay, but dental sealants near you will provide exceptional protection for your pitted or grooved chewing surfaces. Sealants offer a smooth cover over your fissured teeth.

The dentist near you places the first dental sealant on your first permanent molar tooth, upon the complete eruption of the tooth from your gum line. Sealed teeth surface to protect your child from further damages that are resulted from decay. Placed sealants save your dental from undergoing extensive procedures due to severe underlying conditions.

The molars and premolars erupt until the teenage years, and proper maintenance of your child’s teeth is vital in the development of their permanent teeth. A cracked tooth sealant can be applied on your tooth if you’ve previously undergone trauma or injury that caused cracks on your tooth. Sealants are vital in covering your dental fissures and ensuring you preserve healthy teeth.

Perfomance of the Dental Sealants Placement procedure

The placement of dental sealants is a painless and straightforward procedure. It requires a few appointments with your hygienist to seal your teeth, and the sealants application process involves:

  • Dental cleaning of your teeth to remove plaque or tartar
  • Your teeth are dried using absorbent material.
  • An acidic solution is put on your teeth fissures for a few seconds and then rinsed off, to ensure the material bonds with your teeth effectively. The bonding surface becomes rough to enable the sealant attachment.
  • The sealant is cemented onto your tooth enamel, and it bonds directly to your tooth. Hardening is done by radiation or two-component sealants to ensure the material is firmly attached to the grooves. Once the sealant becomes hardened, a hard plastic varnish coating is applied, and your natural teeth functionalities are retained.

Dental Fissure Sealants at Family Dental Care

Our child’s tooth is vulnerable to decay once it erupts from the gum line, and you need preventive therapy. At a tender age, the enamel is weak and regular cleaning is insufficient in preventing decay. Our experienced dentists recommend that your child undergoes placement of sealants to prevent the development of severe cavities.

During the appointment, we examine the condition of your teeth and identify any signs of decay. We perform a dental cleaning procedure and use a solution to roughen your crevices. Once your teeth are rinsed, we place the sealing material. Our dental practitioners at Family dental provide you and your child with effective sealants to prevent your teeth from cavities.

Our filling material is robust to protect your teeth surfaces from plaque and deposition of sticky food particles. We recommend that you bring your kid for early preventive care to ensure the healthy teeth are protected from decay. Please make an appointment with our dental team today for a dental sealant placement procedure and have long-term protection for your teeth today!

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