Feb 06, 2022

How Implants Are Better Than Dentures

Tooth loss is a common problem globally, affecting both children and adults. For adults, tooth loss is more impactful to dental health because adult teeth do not grow back once lost. Therefore, finding a way to replace your lost teeth sooner than later is the best approach once you lose your natural teeth. Thankfully, you do not have only one option to rely on for tooth replacement. At Family Dental Care – East Side Chicago, we offer our patients various alternatives. The two most-common tooth replacement solutions in dentistry are dental implants and dentures.

​Reasons for Tooth Replacement

Some of the reasons you need the help of a dentist near you to replace your lost teeth with either dentures or dental implants are:
  1. To prevent gum recession
  2. To prevent jawbone disintegration
  3. To prevent shifting of teeth
  4. To promote optimal mouth functioning – including chewing and speaking

What to Consider While Choosing Dental Implants VS. Dentures?

  1. The number of teeth you are missing – dentists do not handle one missing tooth the same way as multiple missing teeth. If you have more than three missing teeth in a row, one way or another, you will require dentures. The case is not the same for patients with one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth spread out in their mouths. In the case of multiple missing teeth, you can still get dental implants. The only difference is that you will need dentures to cover the dental implants instead of a dental crown for each implant.
  2. The time frame of procedure – when you have lost your natural teeth, the next best thing is to replace them as soon as possible. For a quick fix, dentures are better because implants require a long time before the treatment is complete.
  3. Durability – how long would you like to have your artificial teeth? Other than getting a quick fix for your smile, you must also think ahead, considering the longevity of your artificial teeth. For such a situation, dental implants are far better than dentures since they can last you a lifetime without needing to replace them.
  4. Nature of procedure – the dental protocols involved when getting dental implants are very different from those of getting dentures. With dental implants, surgery is necessary when installing the implant in the jawbone. The same does not apply to dentures, which only need customization to fit the measurements of your mouth. In that case, conservative patients are likely to opt for dentures over dental implants.
  5. Ease of use – when you get artificial replacement teeth, you will feel odd for some time, whether with dentures or dental implants. Your goal, therefore, should be to select an oral appliance that will be easier to use without compromising the optimal functionality of your mouth. Dental implants are easier to use because they become one with your oral cavity. Besides, implants can hardly ever be ill-fitting.
  6. Flexibility – once you get implants, you cannot remove them unless through surgery. Therefore, if you prefer a removable tooth replacement solution, you would be better off with dentures than dental implants.

​The Benefits of Implants

  1. They are permanent – you do not have to worry about your teeth slipping off mid-conversations. Instead, implants are permanently secured in your jawbone, becoming one with your dental system.
  2. Bio-compatibility – the metal that dentists in a dental implant clinic use to create implants does not cause allergic reactions. It is bio-compatible, which means it integrates naturally with the bone tissue of your jawbone.
  3. Sturdiness – thanks to the metal for making tooth implants, they are very strong. Besides, the implant gets added support from the jawbone and gum tissue, closely mimicking the sturdiness of natural teeth.
  4. Restoring the bone tissue and the facial framework – teeth play an important role in the general framework of your face. When you get dental implants, it overcomes bone degeneration and reinforces it. The result is a firmer, fuller, and more youthful look.
Aesthetic advantage – other than restoring your facial framework, dental implants are natural-looking. Dentists cover implant sites with dental crowns, which are tooth-colored to mimic the appearance of natural teeth.

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