How long do full mouth dental implants last?
Oct 26, 2022

How long do full mouth dental implants last?

If you’ve suffered from periodontal disease before, there’s a likelihood that you have loose or missing teeth. Your dentist may recommend you have whole-mouth dental implants to address the condition. Full-mouth dental implants are ideal for you if you have severely decayed teeth. However, chronic teeth clenching leads to worn-out teeth, and traumatic injury may cause you to lose multiple teeth, which may compel your specialist to perform an extensive full dental implant placement procedure. After restoring your multiple teeth, artificial teeth are used to replace them. Having undergone proper replacement, full-mouth dental implants can last long. However, taking care of your dental implants through routine dental hygiene practices is crucial. This article evaluates full-mouth dental implants and their vital role in dental health. Read more to find out how long dental implants can last.

Who Is A Candidate for Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Once you visit the dentist’s office, your specialist will examine your dental status and determine if having full-mouth dental implants is ideal. Some of the dental scenarios that may compel you to have full-mouth dental implants include:
  • Missing multiple teeth along the dental ridge
  • Having adequate jawbone structure and mass that can support the implants
  • Healthy gum tissues that can support artificial teeth
  • If you have dentures and need a more permanent solution for replacing your teeth.
Whole-mouth dental implants improve oral health, but you must be committed to taking care of the implants to ensure they serve you for long.

How Can I Make My Dental Implants Last A Lifetime?

The condition of your gum tissues, teeth, and jaw bone will determine how long full mouth dental implants will serve you. The expectancy of your implants will vary based on various aspects, and they can serve you for about 10-15 years. Your dentist will provide proper guidelines on your dietary lifestyle, oral hygiene practices, and other essential tips. It would be suitable if you also made regular dental visits to examine the placed implants’ condition.

How to Get Implants

The procedure of having different dental implants vary, and here’s what to expect while undergoing full mouth dental implant procedure:
  • If your bone mass is inadequate for full-mouth dental implants, you might undergo grafting of the jaw before having the implants.
  • After healing from the bone grafting, your implants are surgically placed into your jaws.
  • Later, your specialist attaches abutments to your implants.
  • Finally, crowns, bridges, or dentures are placed on your artificial teeth.
It’s crucial to undergo consultation before the procedure at the dentist’s office near you to familiarize yourself with the whole process. Some aspects to consider may include your dental and overall medical history. If you are under certain medication, you may be exempted from the procedure until completion. You are likely to undergo several procedures at a go. The whole process is painless by using a local anesthetic; however, you might experience discomfort after the procedure.

What’s the Role of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants have myriad benefits, and your dentist may recommend them due to the following benefits:
  • Aids in jaw bone regeneration and prevents bone loss
  • Enables you to restore proper dental hygiene practices
  • Artificial teeth can serve you for long
  • Restore your dental functionality
  • Improved dental appearance and quality of life

What Can Cause My Full Mouth Dental Implants to Fail?

Whole-mouth dental implants are vital in enhancing long-term dental sustainability. However, various risk factors may compromise the implants and cause them to fail, and some include:
  • Underlying health issues like diabetes or cancer
  • Smoking leads to a weakened dental structure
  • Failure to take care of implants as expected
  • Development of gum disease or infection
You need to consult your dentist if you are considering full mouth implants. At Family Dental Care – Oak Lawn, we specialize in different dental implants and select the ideal one for you based on your dental condition. Our specialists utilize advanced technology and ensure you find a personalized treatment plan, and we provide same-day implants, and all-on-4 implants, among others. So, visit our dental office today and find optimal results by replacing your missing or loose teeth using dental implants.

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