How Long Does Pain Last After Impacted Tooth Extraction?
Dec 01, 2021

How Long Does Pain Last After Impacted Tooth Extraction?

It is not uncommon for a person to experience pain following an impacted tooth extraction. How long you experience this pain varies but typically lasts from one to three weeks. In some cases, it can last as long as six months or more.

If you are experiencing too much discomfort after your surgery and would like help finding relief, it is advisable to contact a dentist in Munster.

What Causes Teeth to Become Impacted?

Teeth become impacted for several reasons, like lack of jaw space–they can be too large to fit in the gum line. Some tooth impactions are genetic, while others are caused by tooth decay or an injury to the tooth.

Impacted tooth extraction is performed after all other tooth-saving options have been exhausted.

Often tooth impactions are not discovered until they start to cause tooth decay or damage the surrounding teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth also have an increased likelihood of weakening other teeth in their vicinity due to lack of room in the mouth for them to become properly aligned.

In addition, tooth impactions can also result in tooth fracture. As a tooth fracture, the overall strength and health of the tooth are compromised. This can lead to further development of cavities and pain, as the nerve endings are exposed after tooth damage.

What Can You Expect During the Impacted Teeth Extraction Procedure?

The surgery begins with numbing the area to minimize discomfort, and local anesthetic or general anesthesia is used, depending on your symptoms and level of pain tolerance.

After surgery, you should expect some soreness around the gums of the affected area. Additionally, there will likely be some swelling. The tooth extraction itself will not take a significant amount of time, but the tooth needs to be taken out properly not to damage the tooth root or any surrounding teeth.

The dentist will open the gums to access the teeth. The extraction isn’t a painful process, but you may experience pain and soreness after the procedure. These symptoms should subside within 2-5 days, but it is crucial to follow all post-extraction care instructions provided by your dentist.

If you are in pain during tooth extraction recovery, there are steps you can take to make yourself more comfortable:

  • You can try taking pain medication
  • Apply warm or cold compresses to your face near the tooth extraction site
  • Use mouth rinses that include anesthetic ingredients and chewing on ice chips.

Taking Care of Yourself After Impacted Tooth Surgery

When tooth extractions involve impacted teeth or wisdom teeth, there is an increased risk of pain and infection. Care after a tooth extraction is important to help you recover better and faster so that you can get back to the activities you enjoy.

It may take some time before impacted tooth pain goes away. However, it is essential to note that tooth extractions are not the only reason tooth pain persists. Tooth pain can also arise when roots of adjacent teeth begin to grow into the empty tooth socket.

The length and severity of your tooth pain do not always indicate whether or not you will need additional treatment for complications. The best way to address tooth pain is to seek treatment from an oral health care provider.

Immediately after the tooth extraction, your dentist will place gauze and apply pressure on the tooth socket. This helps stop any bleeding and will help slow down the amount of pain and swelling you feel. You’ll also be given prescriptions for antibiotics or pain killers to take home with you so that you continue to manage your pain at home as well.

Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid After Impacted Teeth Extraction

Eating the proper foods after a tooth extraction is a vital part of your tooth extraction recovery. When you eat the wrong things, it can result in episodes of tooth pain and discomfort that could last for days or even weeks. You might also find yourself experiencing nausea and vomiting. When you eat the right foods, tooth extraction recovery is much easier and less painful.

The foods to avoid after an impacted tooth extraction include:

  • Alcohol will make your tooth extraction recovery last longer
  • Acidic foods and drinks tend to irritate tooth extraction wounds and tooth extraction sites. 
  • Spicy and hot foods

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