How Often Can I Get an Oral Cancer Screening
Dec 03, 2021

How Often Can I Get an Oral Cancer Screening?

Plenty of people realize it is important to have an oral screening regularly. Some factors play an essential role in how often you should get screened. The primary aim of oral cancer screening is to recognize the signs of mouth cancer early. Your dentist can help you in deciding how often you can get it. That will decrease your chances of having undiagnosed oral cancer screening and getting deadly results.

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer screening is typically an examination that a dentist or specialist do to look for cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. Cancers in the oral cavity incorporate mouth cancer, jaw cancer, and tongue cancer. A doctor or a dental specialist might do the exam. The regions inspected during oral cancer screening include:
  • Cheek lining
  • Floor and top of the mouth
  • Gums
  • Lips
  • Tongue
  • Tonsils

Who is At a Higher Risk for an Oral Cancer?

One of the highest risk factors for oral cancer is tobacco use. This also includes smoking cigarettes, cigars, etc. Remember, individuals with a high risk of oral cancer might be more likely to profit from oral cancer screening. However, there is no study that have shown that. Factors that can enhance the risk of oral cancer include:
  1. Tobacco
A risk factor for creating oral cancer is the use of smoking tobacco items, including cigarettes, cigars, as well as pipes.
  1. Alcohol
Alcohol consumption is connected to the development of oral cancer. This connection is dose-dependent, which means the more alcohol individual drinkers have the higher risk.
  1. HPV Infection
Human papillomaviruses (HPV) cause moles in different parts of the body. A few HPV types are connected to some oral cancers.
  1. Ultraviolet Light
Cancers of the lip are more common in individuals who spend time in the sun. Tanning can expand the risk for lip cancer.
  1. Gender
Mouth cancer is almost multiple times in men as compared to women. This may be because men have higher rates of tobacco and liquor use.
  1. Poor Diet
One study has shown that not eating enough products grown in the soil can build the danger of oral cancer.
  1. An Easy and Fast Screening
Fortunately, patients don’t have to fear oral cancer screening performed every year. It is simpler and quicker than many individuals may think. Usually, screening includes rising around a fluid in the mouth. Then, at that point, the dentist will utilize a flashlight to examine the mouth.

What Is the Aim of an Oral Cancer Screening?

To know the way that cancer begins in the mouth, you must see a dentist near you instantly for routine oral cancer tests. It requires an extensive examination of the mouth by a seasoned dental expert to recognize the cause that could be cancerous. Oral cancer screening treatments incorporate X-rays. If a suspicious sore is found, a biopsy is done. At the point when the oral cancer is detected early, the dental patient has a better chance of complete and powerful recovery.

How Often Should I Get Screened?

Cancer screenings are a vital element of preventative care. These tests help dental experts in finding cancer early when the chances for successfully treating the disease are highest. You should be screened every year if your blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, etc. are not in the ordinary range. Furthermore, you may also need to get screened more regularly to track your progress in case you are making way of life changes to reduce your disease risks. If your clinical values are ordinary and your family wellbeing history has not changed, we suggest being screened each three to five years.

How Do I Prepare for Oral Cancer Screening?

You do not have to effectively plan to prepare for oral cancer screening. The exam usually happens during a routine dental or physical checkup.

Schedule an Oral Cancer Screening Appointment Today

Oral cancer screening helps in distinguishing mouth cancer in early stages whenever there is a prominent opportunity for a recovery. If you want to find out more or plan your own screening or your dear one, now is an ideal opportunity to contact our oral cancer screening dentist by making a call at our office.

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