How to deal with dry socket after tooth extraction?
May 21, 2022

How to deal with dry socket after tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction surely is not a pleasant experience. When a tooth becomes completely damaged, there is no chance to protect it by any means and treatment. Once the dentist extracts the tooth or gum, there is no possibility of recovering it. Extraction is not the end of dental problems. What happens after a gum or tooth extraction. People may or may not be aware of the formation of dry sockets. This post will discover how to effectively manage a dry socket after tooth pulling.

What is a Dry Socket???

A dry socket is a situation that forms when a blood clot after extraction fails to develop appropriately. When it occurs, it could be painful. The blood clot should build within 3-4 days after removal.

If it does not form, patients could experience severe pain. Bacteria may infect the bone also. Although dry socket happens rarely, one should be careful and keen on the formation of blood clots.

How Do Dry Sockets Occur???

When it comes to the dry socket, we can’t put a figure on one cause. There could be multiple reasons like:

  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Use of narcotic products.
  • Drinking with a straw.
  • Eating unhealthy food and more.

Dry sockets are very easy to identify. They barely require an X-ray for diagnosis. One can determine its formation by taking a look. There would be a space. If left untreated, it may lead to the destruction of jaw bone because of the accumulation of food. It results in the formation of plaque and bacteria.

How to Deal With Dry Sockets??

When dealing with dry sockets, you need your dentist’s assistance. After extraction, if you feel severe pain, you should immediately consult a professional. The dentist will help you heal faster with authentic methods and medications for dry socket treatment.

Medicated Dressings

Dry sockets are very easy to identify. There would be a vacant space at the site after extraction. Also, there would be no sign of a clot, or it gets formed partially. It causes immense problems and pain.

Your dentist will fill the space with medicated dressings. So, be careful about them and make sure to fix appointments with your dentist for change on fixed time intervals.

Oral Hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene is a key to healing or preventing dry socket formation. You should keep the site clean. Take warm water and mix a pinch of salt into it and try to rinse your mouth multiple times a day. Don’t allow any food particles on the site. The accumulation of food debris may complicate the situation. It can affect the jaw bone too.

Follow Your Dentist

Dry sockets are extremely painful. You will not only feel pain on the affected site but also in the ear, face, and neck. Follow your dentist if you want to heal your pain in less time. Use the medications prescribed or changes they have suggested in daily life routine. In case you are experiencing the situation, consult a dentist in Munster instantly.

Say No! To Narcotics and Alcoholic Products

If you are addicted to alcoholic products and tobacco and smoking, stop using them at least for the time you are under treatment. The use of such products increases the symptoms of the problem and may interfere with the healing process.

Be Mindful about Eating and Drinking Habits

Surgery and sticky food are harmful because they instantly lead to bacteria formation. Don’t use straws for drinking any beverage. Calcium is an essential ingredient to boost healing because calcium is good for bone health. Include dairy products in your routine diet.

A dry socket may result in extreme pain but don’t forget it is treatable. If you feel pain after tooth extraction, it could be there because of the dry socket. Take action immediately and consult your dentist so that the prevention can be done effectively and before it gets worse.

Your cooperation in the treatment may lead to easy and early healing. Discuss your problem with your dentist and follow his instructions and medications. If you are taking medicines for other health issues, tell them about it so that the dental professional can provide you with apt treatment.

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