Is Pediatric Dentistry Challenging
Aug 03, 2021

Is Pediatric Dentistry Challenging?

Dentistry as a subject is challenging technically and strategically. The challenges increase multiple times when a pediatric dentist is required to treat children who may or may not be willing or able to accept treatment. Therefore, pediatric dentists acquire additional training in a two to three residency program explicitly dedicated to pediatric dentistry. They learn special skills and techniques to treat children from the training program, providing comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about dental problems that commonly affect children.


To overcome the challenges the professionals confront when providing pediatric dental care, they use special techniques and tricks when getting the child to cooperate with them. Besides investing in kid-friendly dental practice, equipment suited for children, and even providing children with headphones to listen to music or shows when receiving treatment, pediatric dentists work ingeniously to ensure children feel at home at the dental practice.


What Are the Tricks Pediatric Dentists Use When Treating Children?


Encourage Parents to Bring Children to Pediatric Dentists Early


All dentists are aware prevention is the key, and it applies specifically to children. If the child’s first visit to the dentist is positive, they will know what to expect during their next visit. However, if the child needs to undergo extensive treatment and experiences pain, it results in the child associating the dentist with discomfort. Therefore pediatric dentists recommend parents bring their child for their first visit around their first birthday.


Distracting Children Is a Quality Pediatric Dentists Master


Pediatric dentists, when specializing in the field, also learn about cartoons, sports, pop stars, comics, and Disney movies. The professionals discuss these subjects with the child to encourage a conversation and make them more comfortable. In addition, children’s pediatric dentistry aims to distract the child from the dental procedure, keeping them engrossed in subjects they love.


Rewarding Children


Pediatric dentists are experts in reinforcing positive behavior with children and their parents. To cap off a productive trip to the dentist’s office, they do not hesitate to reward the child with gifts like stickers to make the child believe they did an excellent job and should behave similarly during their next visit. Rewarding children in dental offices, which also distracts them, becomes a pleasant experience for the child. As a result, many children don’t want to leave the dental office and even inquire with parents about their next scheduled visit.


Pediatric dentists are willing to perform all kinds of procedures and are even open to taking on some things they may not have enjoyed in dental school. However, when working with the general population, the professionals consider the child’s needs without considering their likes or dislikes.


Why Should Parents Choose a Pediatric Dentist?


All families are different, and choosing a dentist eventually depends on the family’s unique requirements and preferences. A one size fits all solution does not exist for your family’s dental and overall health.


Thankfully pediatric dentists have plenty to offer to kids. Having a specialist diagnosing and treating your children’s teeth makes a significant difference to their future. When parents choose a pediatric dentist for their child, they can rest assured the child’s dental care is in the hands of a specialist. Pediatric dentists not only have the skills and tools to treat children but genuinely love working with them. A compassionate and caring pediatric dentist will make an effort as required to build a positive relationship with children. Without a foundation of trust, children can potentially develop dental anxiety preventing them from seeking dental help as adults. Establishing a dental home early with a consistent and reliable pediatric dentist is essential to maintain healthy teeth from infancy until early adulthood.


Do Pediatric Dentists Also Accept Adults As Patients?


Pediatric dentists are qualified to treat adults, but they specialize in treating children and often accept patients under 18. They do not refuse to treat adults but are aware of their strengths and knowledge about pediatric dentistry. These specialists are not experienced in general dentistry, although they are fully knowledgeable about the subject. Unlike general dentists, they do not offer services popular among adults like denture repair, cosmetic dentistry, and Invisalign clear aligners for straightening teeth. However, if they notice defects in children’s teeth, they undoubtedly refer the patient to specialists like orthodontists for the treatment they need.


Pediatric dentistry is challenging in that the professional must be willing to treat every child differently using the techniques and tricks available with them when providing any treatments needed by the child.

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