Pediatric Dentist vs. Family Dentist
May 01, 2021

Pediatric Dentist vs. Family Dentist: Do I Need To Take My Kid To A Pediatric Dentist?

Many parents ask themselves if it is necessary to take their kids to a pediatric dentist if they have a family dentist. They often don’t see the need for a pediatric dentist because, to them, a dentist is a dentist. That’s not the case, though. A family dentist and a pediatrician are two different types of dentists. In this blog, we will discuss pediatric dental care in detail to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Family Dentist?

Family dentists are pretty much the same general dentists. Typically, they treat all family members regardless of their ages. Although some family dentists have some special skills, most of them focus on general dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease treatment. For more severe or unique dental problems, the family dentist will likely refer you to a specialist.

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is a general dentist with more training, skills, and experience in handling children. Typically, a pediatrician spends more years in school after completing four years of dental training. During the extra two or three years, a pediatrician learns skills for treating all children, including kids with special needs. For that reason, pediatricians are able to deal with unique children’s dental issues with relative ease.

What Are the Benefits of Taking My Kid to a Pediatrician?

Your family dentist can still treat your kid and even help her grow cavity-free. However, your child will receive the best possible care if you take her to a pediatrician. Here are a few benefits of trusting a pediatrician with your kid:

Keeping Your Kid Calm

A visit to the dentist is not always the most anticipated trip. In fact, some adults suffer from dental anxiety, probably because of how they were handled when they were young. That’s why it is vital to ensure that your child has the best experience with the dentist for the sake of her future and present oral health. A pediatrician has the skills to ensure your kid remains calm on the dental chair.

Furthermore, they are allowed to administer different types of sedation. Therefore, if a procedure is usually painful, the pediatrician will use suitable sedation to ensure it is as painless as possible.

Caring for Your Kid’s Bad Oral Habits

Unfortunately, most kids develop bad oral habits unknowingly. Typically, the most common unsuitable oral habits developed by kids are thumb sucking and teeth grinding. A family dentist is capable of helping your kid with decay and extractions, but he may fall short when it comes to curbing bad oral habits.

These habits are often very hard to break, and that’s why it is vital for a pediatrician to chip in. Pediatricians receive extra training on how to stop these habits. With their help, it will be a matter of weeks before your kids stop grinding teeth or thumb sucking. Talk to us if you are looking for an experienced dentist in 60409.

Oral Care Depending On Your Kid’s Needs

Pediatricians consider your kid’s age and development when introducing healthy habits for them. During the initial visits, the pediatrician focuses on teaching your kid how to brush her teeth and gums properly. As she grows old, the dentist introduces different measures to ensure your kid’s teeth are always healthy. For example, she will treat her with fluoride and place dental sealants when the time comes. Finally, a pediatrician will recommend orthodontic treatment if it is necessary.

Dentistry for Children Is Fun

Pediatric dental clinics are set up with children in mind. Therefore, they are usually colorful and kid-friendly. For example, you are likely to find TVs with kids’ stations as you wait for your turn in the dental clinic.

Furthermore, kids’ dentists are quite friendly, and children are always looking forward to seeing them again. Once the dentist develops this bond with your kid, it will be easy for him to help your kid grow cavity-free. Also, she will grow knowing dentists are friendly and won’t have anxiety in the future. She will teach her kids that dentists are friendly too.

At our clinic, we provide pediatric dental services of the highest quality. You can count on us if you are looking for a kid’s dentist in 60409. Book an appointment now.

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