Apr 26, 2023

Porcelain Veneers: Are Veneers a good idea?

Teeth with damages such as chips, cracks, gaps, discoloration from infections or injuries, and misshapen appearance often impact your smile, making you conscious of it to consider cosmetic dental procedures like veneers to improve its aesthetic appearance. However, before you schedule your first appointment with the dentist near you, it is essential to understand whether veneers are the best option for your teeth.

Veneers, especially the porcelain version, are excellent for repairing teeth with the effects mentioned above. However, before deciding on getting the porcelain surfaces to hide your dental imperfections, it helps if you discuss your situation with the nearby dentist to ensure you make an informed decision.

Veneers help improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile because the ultra-thin custom-made shells of porcelain help hide your dental flaws to restore confidence in your smile. However, veneers have their benefits and downsides, making it essential to understand them because they help you decide whether they are the optimal option for your impacted teeth.

Are Veneers Suitable for Your Situation?

If the above-mentioned dental defects impact the aesthetics of your smile, dental veneers are undoubtedly suitable for your teeth. However, your teeth must be examined by the dentist nearby to determine whether these shells are ideal for your impacted teeth.

You may be unsuitable for veneers if you have significant dental defects like severe damage or decayed teeth, making it essential for you to consider alternatives like dental crowns. On the other hand, you receive considerable help from dental veneers if the defects of your teeth are on the surface and don’t impact the tooth structure. After your assessment from the dentist, you can decide whether you want dental veneers from them or would like porcelain veneers in Oak Lawn, IL, because they are the best version and remain on your teeth the longest. Therefore you must also understand the different versions of shells available from dentists to cover dental defects.

When you consider veneers to cover your dental flaws, you may receive various recommendations like porcelain shells, composite resin veneers, and other available options. However, if you want a pleasing smile that remains with you for quite some time, porcelain veneers are the optimal option you can choose.

Why Consider Porcelain Veneers?

All versions of veneers offer instant results by covering the front surfaces of your teeth to help you display a beautiful smile. However, most versions have downsides that porcelain veneers don’t. Therefore if you decide on porcelain shells to cover your dental defects, you invest in a permanent restoration of the affected teeth that remain with you for over 15 years with proper dental hygiene.

Porcelain shells are stain resistant and will not attract discoloration, similar to other versions. In addition, they are easy to maintain, needing merely brushing, flossing, and getting regular dental checkups from your dentist to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup that can affect the teeth they cover if you don’t care for your dental hygiene. Therefore if you want a durable option to hide your dental defects investing in porcelain veneers is an excellent idea.

Why Contemplate before Getting Porcelain Veneers?

Although porcelain veneers are excellent, they are the most expensive, costing double the price of other versions. In addition, they require enamel removal past the dentin before customization and placement on your teeth. You must schedule at least two appointments with the Oak Lawn provider spread apart three weeks before receiving them to hide your dental flaws.

Enamel removal from your teeth past the dentin makes the porcelain shells permanent because your enamel doesn’t regenerate. Therefore if you don’t want these shells later, you don’t have the option of using alternatives.

On the other hand, other versions of veneers are affordable and reversible, unlike porcelain veneers making it essential to contemplate before getting these surfaces on your teeth.


If you want veneers to hide your dental defects, they are excellent for improving the aesthetic appeal of your smile. However, all versions have benefits and downsides because most require replacements every 5 to 7 years, while porcelain shells remain on your teeth for 15 years or more. Porcelain veneers are undoubtedly expensive, but the less frequent replacements you will need make them an excellent option if you have the finances to spare and are willing to endure the intensive procedure when getting them besides scheduling multiple appointments with the Oak lawn providers.

Family Dental Care — Oak Lawn can help hide dental defects with your teeth by providing veneers to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Discuss your needs with them to improve the looks of your teeth to complement your smile, and receive porcelain veneers from them if you desire a long-lasting solution.

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