Porcelain Veneers? Ask a Cosmetic Dentist in the District!
Apr 16, 2019

Porcelain Veneers? Ask a Cosmetic Dentist in the District!

It is grossly embarrassing to have chipped or cracked teeth. If teeth are broken, you have a few choices to repair them. The first thing that you can choose is dental implant, which is a surgical process. You can choose to go for dental crowns, if you do not want to undergo surgical process. Nevertheless, dental implant is costly process as well. Instead of dental implant, using crown is budget friendly choice. When damage to teeth is not severe or extreme, you can choose veneers to repair them. Use of veneers is the safest way of hiding tooth imperfections. Right from gaps between teeth to hiding patchy marks and cracked teeth, veneers can be used for multiple purposes. For application of veneers, you need to find professional dentist Evergreen Park at Family Dental Care.

Use of Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are manufactured with different materials. In most of the cases, porcelain has been used. However, use of composite resin and ceramic veneers is also quite popular. When veneers were first introduced, they have been found as temporary solutions for beautification of teeth. At that time, good quality adhesive was not present. Today, good quality adhesive is available, and thus porcelain veneers have become long term solution for hiding teeth imperfections. As per professional dentist Evergreen Park, IL, porcelain veneers can last for 25-30 years on an average.

Benefits of Using Porcelain Veneers

At this stage, the obvious question would be why porcelain veneers are used? The benefits of porcelain veneers are discussed below.

  • Applying porcelain veneer is hassle free job. With two appointments at Family Dental Care, you can have porcelain veneers applied on your teeth.
  • The best thing is that porcelain veneers look natural. They blend well with our natural teeth texture.
  • Stain resistance is another notable feature. Your teeth will appear shiny white all the time, and that would add impressiveness to your character.
  • For basic maintenance of porcelain veneers, you do not have to make high expenses.

Due to all these reasons, dentist 60805 recommends porcelain veneers to those who need to beautify teeth y hiding imperfections.

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