Practice Caution with Energy or Sports Drinks to Protect Your Ename
Jan 01, 2019

Practice Caution with Energy or Sports Drinks to Protect Your Enamel

Did you know that energy drinks can impact the health of your teeth? Yes, the same energy drinks that you consume before your match or before working out can lead to tooth decay and stains. According to Dentist in East Chicago, the energy drinks can erode the enamel from your teeth which is a natural protective layer over the teeth.

How Do These Drinks Harm Our Teeth?

All types of energy and sports drinks have a common ingredient i.e. citric acid along with other acids for improving the taste as well as increasing the shelf life of these drinks. But this acidic content can harm your tooth enamel. The Dentist near South Chicago says that, though enamel is quite strong, the acids are capable enough of dissolving its mineral content. Our saliva is known to neutralize the acid and restore the lost minerals, if the acid remains in mouth for a long time, the saliva is ineffective in damage control. The energy drinks are known for having more acids than sports drink, but when compared with other beverages; both these drinks are more acidic in nature.

There have been several studies and experiments which have proven the detrimental effects of these drinks on the tooth enamel.


It’s better to choose drinks and look for substitutes that have relatively lower acid content. Water is one of the best hydrator and also neutral in pH. If you wish to drink these beverages, drink them along the meals as your saliva is most active during mealtime. After having the drink, rinse your mouth with water.

As stated by Dentist near Chicago, avoid brushing your teeth immediately after having these drinks as the acids can soften the enamel. Brushing immediately will erode tiny bits of enamel from the teeth. Wait at least for an hour so that the saliva can re-mineralize the enamel. These are some simple tips but can go a long way in preserving the enamel on your teeth and prevent the risk of stains, teeth discoloration and tooth decay.

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