The Benefits of Digital X-Rays
Jun 02, 2018

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

At Family Dental CareTM, with locations in Chicago and the surrounding communities is dedicated to our patients’ oral and overall health. Due to this, we only offer digital imaging (digital x-rays) at our practice. Although traditional, film x-rays were invented over 125 years ago, dental technology has come a very long way, allowing us to now offer safer, quicker and more effective diagnostic options for our patients and their loved ones. Wondering what some of the benefits of digital x-rays are?

  • Digital x-rays are less expensive to perform at our dental office and in return are less expensive for our patients as well.
  • Digital x-rays produce less radiation than traditional x-rays and are better for our community, planet, and environment.
  • When it comes to diagnostic imaging, our digital x-rays use 70% less radiation than traditional, film x-rays, making them a safer and healthier option for our patients.
  • Our digital x-rays are also easier to take and take less time than traditional, film x-rays, making our patients’ appointments much shorter and comfortable.
  • Digital x-rays require no development process and are actually viewable almost immediately, also reducing our patient’s appointment time and allowing us to diagnose any problems quickly.
  • Digital x-rays are imported directly into a computer, allowing us to have better quality images and even zoom in, making it easier to spot areas of concern before they become a bigger problem.
  • Due to the fact that digital x-rays allow for better quality and the ability to zoom, fewer issues at our practice go undetected and/or are missed by our dental professionals.
  • Digital x-rays are stored on a computer, making them easily transferable to the patient along with other dental or medical professionals, reducing the need to visit our practice and pay for copies.

Get Your Digital X-Rays Today!

Looking for a dental practice in Chicago, Calumet City, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn or the surrounding communities that offer safe and healthy dental care? Contact Family Dental CareTM today and schedule your routine dental checkup with digital x-rays. We are always happy to see new smiles and look forward to helping you maintain optimal oral health.

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