Oct 31, 2018

The Dangers of Grinding

Grinding of the teeth can be compared to nails on a chalkboard. This sound and action have bad reputations as a way to annoy your neighbor. However, grinding of the teeth is most often something involuntary that many don’t even know that they’re doing. If you have visited your dentist in the last year, and are suffering from the grinding of your teeth, it is probable that your dentist has warned you of the dangers of grinding. In the following article we will discuss these dangers, and how to fix them.

Why Do You Grind Your Teeth?

There are many different reasons that you or someone you love grinds their teeth. The grinding of the teeth, also known as bruxism, is very commonly caused by stress. Many people have reported that on any given night they don’t grind their teeth, but on nights after days full of stress or urgency they have felt the consequences of grinding their teeth.

What are the Consequences of Grinding Your Teeth?

There are also a lot of consequences of grinding your teeth that may manifest themselves in different ways. Most immediately it can be noted that grinding your teeth can lead to severe headaches and soreness the day after a night of grinding. Also, you have the potential to grind your teeth and down to a point that they become a short and flat.

What Are My Options for Treating Grinding?

Your options for treating grinding can differ depending on the severity of your bruxism. Most commonly, your dentist will suggest using a in mouth dental appliance to keep your upper and lower jaws from touching each other at night while you sleep.

We Can Help!

Grinding your teeth is only damaging your bite, but we here at Family Dental Care in IL are here to fix it. Our offices are at various locations in IL, so we implore you to visit our website to find out which location is closest to you and your family. We are a dental practice that is constantly thinking of how to make your life better and healthier with each dental procedure, If you would like more information on the matter, we’re here to help. Please call one of our offices today to schedule you’re very first consultation appointment.

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