May 06, 2022

TMJ Treatment: How Do You Permanently Cure TMJ?

TMJ is scientifically known as the Temporomandibular joint. It is responsible for joining the skull with the jaw bone. When people suffer from TMJ disorders, they have problems with the smooth movement of the mouth. They feel discomfort in the opening and closing of their jaw. This condition even leads to issues in chewing as well as in smiling. The situation may vary from mild to severe. Neck pain, headache, and ear pain are the problems people usually encounter. When they have such joint issues, it could harm the routine life as the patient would not be able to speak comfortably and have discomfort in eating. This post will explore how to cure TMJ permanently.

What Causes TMJ Disorder?

People usually jump on the solution first. But without finding the cause of the issue, you cannot find a solution. Certain situations may cause TMJ issues. Some of them are:

Poor oral hygiene

We have only one set of teeth, and they would be there for a lifetime. Although dental solutions are available, nothing can match the functionality and comfort of natural teeth. Oral health is crucial to maintaining the overall well-being of the body. Poor oral hygiene could be a reason for the TMJ issue.

Accidental Injury to Mouth

It is the prime cause behind the issue. Accidents are unavoidable and unfortunate. Distortion in the jaw bone could easily happen when something strikes your face, and you fall. These can happen while you are playing some sports. So, if you are a player and involved in some ground sports, be mindful about wearing a mouthguard.


Aging is another possible cause of the issue to occur. With growing, wear and tear of jaw bone also grow. Due to this, TMJ issues may arise.

Curing TMJ Disorder Permanently

Managing TMJ pain is a struggle. When it comes to curing it naturally, there are different ways. If there is mild pain, it can cure at home. For severe pain (if your jaw is broken), you will require surgery. But if the pain is mild, it could be healed at home. Here are some methods that will help in TMJ permanent treatment.

Apply Moist Heat

Heat therapy is beneficial in joint pain. Your jaw joint is like any other joint in your body. You must have heard doctors suggesting moist therapy for pain relief. In TMJ pain, the moist heat also works as a pain reliever. The process is quite simple. Take a hot water bottle, wrap it in a damp cloth, and put it on the affected area. Don’t take too hot water. You will surely feel relieved.

Use of Ice Packs

They work wonders on joint pain and are a comfort to use. Just take some ice cubes, wrap them in a cotton cloth, and put them on your jaw. You will have a pleasant experience.

Eat Soft Food

Hard food requires excessive jaw movement in chewing. It increases the TMJ problem. In such a situation, while you are battling against the TMJ issue. Make sure you eat soft and tender food so that there will be little or no pressure on the jaw.

Jaw Exercises

They are necessary even when you do not have TMJ. It boosts the flexibility in your jaw, and there would be fewer chances for this problem to occur. Regular exercise will enhance jaw movements. After some time, you will return to your normal position. You can discuss with your dentist the safe and effective jaw exercises.

Learn More About TMJ Cure at Family Dental Care

When it comes to TMJ problems, professionals need to understand the cause before moving toward a solution. It helps them provide effective relief and appropriate treatment to the patient. At our place, our expert will analyze the problem. They will go through every measure possible to diagnose the problem. After getting the root cause, they will start suitable treatment. We are among the trustworthy TMJ doctor in South Chicago. We are experienced and have the capabilities to deal with any or every dental problem. If you are on the hunt for a qualified place to have quality TMJ treatment, contact Family Dental Care Chicago now.

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