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Aug 16, 2023

What Age to Stop Seeing a Pediatric Dentist?

Since visiting a dentist can be a stressful experience for a few kids, parents usually choose a pediatric dentist and often continue to see them into their teenage years. These experts specialize in unique dental needs for toddlers, elementary-aged kids, and teens. Compared to general dentists, pediatric dentists are much more aware of the problems associated with the oral development of an adolescent. Plenty of general dentists provide pediatric dentist services. But they do not have experience and extra training in pediatric dentistry.

General Dentist v/s Pediatric Dentist

Both general and pediatric dental professionals help to maintain a healthy smile for their kids in the long term. But there are certain differences:

  • Same as an adult dentist, a pediatric dentist near you has all the education. But the latter one has done training in pediatric dentistry. In the two years of additional training, pediatric dentists learn how to manage and treat developing teeth. This child-specific training makes them an ideal choice for the children. When your kid requires braces, the pediatric dental professional refers you to an experienced orthodontist near you.
  • Regular dentists can treat kids too, but they have more experience in offering dental care to seniors and adults. So, if your kid has special needs or is fearful of the dental procedure, a regular dentist might not help with that.
  • Pediatric dental offices focus on children and their needs. A pediatric dentist also treats and checks orthodontic problems as well. The staff knows how to create an anxiety-free experience. You will see kid books, toys, brightly designed walls, and other attractive things in the waiting area. But you don’t see such things in a general dental office. Also, regular dentists are not experts in child behavior.

Pediatric Dentist Age Limit – When to Start Seeing a General Dentist?

When your kids reach their late teen stage, they are more prone to experience essential jaw and face growth. They are also receiving their last adult teeth, which are prone to tooth decay. Numerous teenagers need orthodontic screening and require evaluation on whether he/she requires wisdom tooth removal. With time, your kid will create a strong bond with the pediatric dentist. It makes it tough to see a regular dentist.

Pediatric dentists continue to deliver dental care to your kid till the last adult teeth erupt. Most adults develop all their adult teeth between 12 to 14 years. But there is no specific age limit for children. So, when they reach their late teenage years and feel ready for a change, you can take them to a regular dentist.

Furthermore, patients prefer to visit an adult dentist when their wisdom teeth develop (between 17 and 25 years). In case of an impacted wisdom tooth, your teenager requires removal. Once your kid begins to visit a regular dentist, they do not need to switch again. Although they might need the help of a new dentist, they don’t require a pediatric dentist. Since a regular dentist treats adults of every age, your child can continue to see for the remainder of his life.

Visiting a pediatric dentist 60805 is best for teens because they know their entire history and will offer the personalized dental care they require. The right time to switch from children to regular dentists relies on behavior, specific needs, and overall oral health.

You can speak to your kid about the switch by evaluating their teeth condition. If you notice all their adult teeth in their mouth, it’s the right time to move on. Doing this will let your kid receive the appropriate dental care as per their age. One of the crucial aspects of switching to an adult dentist is ensuring your kid is okay with it. To make a smooth transition, strong communication between your kid, you, and your children’s dentist is essential.

As your kid grows into an adult, it’s worth seeing the same healthcare provider. But if you have a teenager but he/she is not feeling ready to move on, speak to the pediatric dentist at Family Dental Care – Evergreen Park, IL quickly. The professional will offer tips on how your teenager can maintain dental care while ensuring the transition to the next stage smoother.

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