What is Holistic Dentistry
Jun 16, 2019

What is Holistic Dentistry?

The main thing that the dentist in Chicago who are holistic dentist would focus on the factors that contributed to the development of a cavity or any other problem. The traditional dentist would only focus on providing the right solution to the specific issue and not how that problem developed in the first place.

The main aim of the holistic dentist is to deliver comprehensive care by considering your oral health needs and your overall wellness. They are also known as biological dentistry. The dentist in South Chicago is aware that the overall well being also includes good oral health.

The dentist in East Chicago is there to provide the dental care necessary for patients of all ages along with holistic dentistry. This requires certain important aspects to be considered for better overall health which are difficult to maintain.

What is holistic dentistry?

The holistic dentist would make an effort to know the patient and other problems that they may have like depression which could lead to bad oral habits. The dentist in Evergreen Park are highly educated on how good oral health would affect the whole body.

The holistic dentist near you would also provide comprehensive consultation apart from offering regular cleanings and exams. The consultation would include your complete medical history as well as lifestyle.

What are holistic dental practices?

The holistic dentist in Oak Lawn would make sure that they won’t use any sort of material that would have your oral health. For example, the holistic dentist won’t use amalgam fillings as they contain mercury even though the amount would be safe and stable.

The dentist in Calumet city would make it a priority that their patients are not exposed to any kind of mercury and the removal process is also conducted with precautions.

What else does holistic dentistry touch on?

The following are certain things that holistic dentistry looks upon:

  • The dentist near you would make sure for your optimal nutrition and a healthy diet which includes specific vitamins and mineral supplements as well.
  • The importance of proper body PH Biocompatibility of dental materials and thereby reducing the risk of sleep apnea
  • Preventive care measures and regular checkups.

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