Feb 01, 2021

When to Seek Emergency Dental Care Services

Do you know how to tell if a toothache is just a minor issue or a dental problem that might have severe symptoms if left untreated? Some dental situations might not wait until the dentist’s office is open to receive treatments. Such dental cases might cause excruciating pain or pose a high risk of further complications, compelling you to seek emergency dental care services.

Some of the dental issues that seem to be small problems can quickly turn into a toothache you will live to remember. In such a case, an emergency dentist would be your best option. To locate emergency dental care near you, you can perform a search on google and get a list of dental offices near your location.

Leaving your dental situation for another day can pose a risk of further complications, and since your body is connected, it might be hard to pinpoint the origin of the toothache. Therefore, you can consider an emergency dentist in Calumet City for proper diagnosis and treatments.

Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

Some of the signs that would compel you to seek the services of an emergency dentist include:

Loose or Fallen Out Tooth

While playing contact sports or carrying out your daily activities, you might get involved in an accident that impacts your teeth. The impact might cause the teeth to become loose or fall out. In such a case, you are likely to experience excruciating pain, and sometimes you can’t even find sleep.

If your tooth is fallen out, you might be at high risk of infection on the socket and need a dental restoration that would be more expensive. To save your tooth and prevent the risk of infections, you can consider visiting an emergency dentist near you.

Severe and Unexplained Toothache

The severity of your toothache is a factor that would compel you to visit a dentist for pain relief. Mild pain can wait until the dentist’s office is open. However, if the pain is persistent, you should consider dental care services immediately.

Severe toothache might be a sign of a dental abscess, gum infection, or root canal infection. If such dental issues are not treated early, you might be at risk of complications such as tooth and bone loss. Treatment depends on the cause of the dental problem. Therefore, your dentist will begin by examining your mouth to determine the origin of the toothache.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing your teeth is not normal. If you have been diagnosed with gingivitis, you might experience minor bleeding. However, you might experience profuse and repeated bleeding on your gums. In such a case, you should not ignore the signs. Instead, you can consider visiting an emergency dentist for diagnosis and treatments.

Swollen Jaw

Swelling on your gums or jaw might be a sign of an infection. Worst case scenario, a swollen jaw can be a sign of oral cancer, which can be fatal if not treated. If you have a swollen jaw accompanied by a foul taste or smell in your mouth, you should consider visiting a dentist immediately.

Your dentist will examine your mouth after evaluating the symptoms to determine the cause of the swelling and offer the proper treatments.

Your Tooth Went Numb

Your teeth root canals contain pulp and nerves for sensitivity. The teeth are sensitive to cold and heat. Therefore, if your tooth is not sensitive to temperature changes, you might have damage and nerves and a root canal infection. To prevent further complications, you should seek emergency dental care services.

Taste of Metal in Your Mouth

Do you have a taste of coins in your mouth? A taste of pennies might be a result of a damaged dental crown or filling. If the tooth restorations are repaired are left unrepaired, you might be at risk of a root canal infection. Therefore, you can consider seeking dental care immediately to prevent any complications such as gum injuries and infections.

Emergency Dentist Near You

Do you have a dental emergency in Calumet City? If so, you can visit our dental office at Family Dental Care for diagnosis and treatments. At the dental office, the dentist will offer treatments on the same day to increase the chances of saving your teeth and relieving pain.

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