Oct 21, 2022

Why are my teeth yellow all of a sudden?

If you’ve been wondering why some teeth are a tad duller while others are pearly white, you need to consider the various aspects that affect teeth.

Ageing and other physiological factors may transform the color of your natural teeth. Our dentist may recommend you undergo several treatment procedures to address the discoloration and yellowing of teeth.

The dreaded yellow hue on your teeth occurs due to extrinsic and intrinsic staining, wearing out of the enamel protective layer, among others. This article provides knowledge on teeth yellowing and various approaches to address it.

What Causes Yellow or Discolored Teeth?

Are your teeth discolored or yellow? You can undergo yellow teeth treatment.

However, before we look at the various solutions for your smile makeover, let’s look at the risk factors and causes of discoloration and yellow teeth:

  • Excessive fluoride exposure – unlimited usage of fluoride leading to extrinsic staining. It’s needful to visit your dental office to undergo an ideal fluoride treatment. Fluoridated water and non-recommended products may contain fluoride in large amounts, and it’s unhealthy for your dental.
  • Enamel erosion – your tooth-protective layer can wear out, exposing the inner layer, the dentine that appears yellow.
  • Pigmented beverages and diet – certain foods contain tannins like red wine, potentially leading to yellow teeth. Also, excessive beverages like coffee and tea can result in long-term discoloration and yellowing teeth.
  • Poor oral hygiene – poor oral hygiene practices cause yellowing of your teeth; however, discoloration or yellowing may occur despite regular teeth cleaning.
  • Smoking – this is one of the leading causes of the yellowing of teeth. In addition, stains from products that manufacture cigarettes are stubborn and lead to discoloration.
  • Certain medical conditions – discolored or yellow teeth may result from illnesses like cancer that compel you to undergo chemotherapy.

Despite having yellow or discolored teeth, several options can transform your smile. Our dentist in 46321 may recommend you undergo professional teeth whitening and other home-based remedies to eliminate stains.

How can you Undergo a Teeth Whitening procedure?

It’s crucial to consult your specialist if teeth whitening is ideal for you. Numerous options can restore your pearly white smile, including home-based whitening gels, strips, rinses, or toothpaste, under precise dental instructions.

In addition, you can transform your yellowing teeth with various techniques, and some include:

Home-based whitening – you can use OTC whitening products, including emulsions, gel, or strips that contain a bleaching agent. The results are visible after a few days, and you need to use recommended products that are non-abrasive.

Some products have adverse effects, including sensitivity and enamel erosion. So, please be cautious while selecting from the wide array of home-based remedies and with your dentist’s instructions.

In-office whitening-It involves professional whitening done in your dental office as follows:

  1. Your specialist applies the whitening agent on your teeth or places a tray containing the agent on your teeth.
  2. A certain duration is needed for the agent to take effect.
  3. The laser is used to enhance whitening.

The severity of your stain determines the time taken for the procedure, and the process can take 30 minutes to two hours before completion.

Professional teeth whitening is recommended since the solution used in whitening is of the right amount since high quantities can adversely affect the enamel and cause teeth sensitivity.

If you are considering whitening your dental, the above options can enable your smile to remain appealing. Yellow teeth treatment is a suitable option, but you need to consult your dentist on the right product for whitening before you begin the procedure.

How to Maintain Whitened Teeth

Once you’ve revamped your white and naturally-looking smile, you must find the right routine to preserve the whitened teeth.

And here are some of the vital tips you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Observe proper oral hygiene by flossing, rinsing, and brushing regularly
  • Use the right whitening regimen as provided by your specialist
  • Make periodic visits to your specialist for dental exams and cleaning

At Family Dental Care – Munster, we recommend you keep your teeth pearly white by following all the instructions after whitening.

In addition, you need to ensure your dentist recommends all home-based products. Visit our team today, undergo yellow teeth treatment, and transform your smile.

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