Why Are Removable Partial Dentures the Perfect Option for Teenagers
Sep 01, 2021

Why Are Removable Partial Dentures the Perfect Option for Teenagers?

Smiling is essential and everyone, no matter what their age wants to keep it perfect. Teeth loss with growing age is a normal phenomenon. But think about the scenario when one, unfortunately, bears tooth loss at their teenage, it could be quite disheartening. But don’t worry! Today dentistry has solutions to deal with such issues at every age.

Denture teeth are among the prominent solutions available to replace missing teeth. They could be removable or fixed. When it comes to the treatment for teens, it is something quite different from adults because teens are still in their growth period. So, any kind of fixed and permanent dental solution for them could not work. By seeing a special case of teenagers, the dentist suggests going for the removable dentures. In this blog, we will discuss the reason why removable partial dentures are best for teens.

What Are Removable Dentures?

Conventional removable dentures are made of a less visible resin material and can restore one’s appearance as well as lost eating functionalities. When it comes to teens, they have their life ahead and confidence is something quite essential in every aspect of their life. Dentures must have a perfect fit so that they could be there for a long time and can function as normally as required.

Removal dentures are also called flippers and are made in the laboratory based on your size and requirements. They are considered for teens because of their amazing capabilities and advantages. There is only one drawback associated with the treatment, with time they can become loose as the jaw keeps on changing in teens.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Partial Dentures?

Dentures are highly effective and convenient for teens because of their removable characteristics. But as every treatment has its positive as well as negative side, dentures do have the same.


  • They are an amazing option for teens who lost their teeth accidentally and are still in their growing period.
  • They are less costly and one can have them within their pocket range.
  • Dentures are natural-looking and are the perfect solution for missing tooth replacement.


  • They are removable so require additional care and attention.
  • They can become loose with time.
  • Although the dentures are less expensive, they come with less durability.
  • There is a fear of their breaking and chipping.

Dentures are effective and beneficial. Their life longevity depends on care and attention. A patient pays to them especially if you are a teenager. In the future, you are going to take up an implant and permanent solution to replace your missing tooth.

How Teen Should Take Care of Dentures?

Missing a permanent tooth in teenagers is a huge loss. In this particular situation, you can’t opt for a permanent solution because your body is still going through some changes.

Once a patient has the treatment done, they need to pay attention to it so that there would be no loss in bone structure and adjacent teeth till the jaw is fully grown to have implants or other permanent dental treatment.

When it comes to denture care, your doctor may come up with some essential instructions that patients have to follow in any situation. Although this is not a tough nut to crack, it may include a day-to-day cleaning routine like brushing and flossing.

As dentures are removable, there would be a specific way for removal and cleaning, you must learn about it from professionals so that effective care could be provided to the dentures.

You should be mindful about going to regular meetings with your dentist. Also, avoid bad foods as well as bad habits that can interfere with the treatment. It’s because they can leave you in a problematic situation.

If your kid has a carefree attitude, you must make him/her learn about healthy habits. It will result in good oral hygiene as well as successful denture treatment. It’s worth consulting a kid’s dentist near you.

Are You Ready for Denture Services?

Dental care is highly important to ensure a long-term smile on your face. We are known for providing quality dentures and dental services at affordable prices. You can contact us for a removable partial denture or other dental treatments at any time.

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