Why May You Need Dentures?
Jun 11, 2021

Why May You Need Dentures?

Are you trying to improve your smile by replacing the missing teeth in your mouth? Dentures are a possible solution capable of restoring functionality and aesthetics. Tooth loss is often associated with aging, but dentures are solving problems for different age groups. It is essential that you discuss your smile concerns with the denture in Evergreen Park or your dentist. The professionals can assess the situation and provide feedback about your oral health.


You might not have information on whether you need dentures right away. Mentioned in this blog are some reasons why people get dentures. Continue Reading: more about why you may need dentures.


Tooth Loss Bothering You


Tooth loss can affect you in many ways. Physical impacts to the mouth can leave you with a broken tooth, or infections can cause your teeth to fall out. Tooth decay, periodontal disease, and gum cancer are the most common oral infections in the world.


When you leave tooth decay untreated, the resulting infection may require tooth removal. After you have a tooth removed, the adjacent teeth start leaning and shifting towards the vacant space over time. The shifting teeth cause food to trap between your teeth, creating additional opportunities for tooth decay.


Loss of teeth can also change your facial structure, appearance, and your ability to speak and eat. Your gums begin bearing the brunt of your chewing and biting. The situation becomes painful and comfortable. Your teeth also help with your pronunciation. If you don’t want to experience any of these consequences, you must discuss the issue with your dentist or denturist.


Various Denture Options Available for You


What is the first impression coming to your mind when you think about dentures? Isn’t it your grandparent’s complete dentures floating in water overnight? Full dentures are still an option if you have lost all your teeth. However, there are various other options depending on your dental situation and the number of teeth you lost.


When you visit dentures near me, inquiring about the different options available, the professional describes other options currently available on the market. Here are the different options available to you.


Full Dentures


You can have complete dentures or full dentures if all your teeth are removed or lost. Complete dentures help restore your smile to what it was earlier before you lost your teeth. Full dentures are held in place on your gums by suction. Upper and lower dentures get inserted independently. You must take them out and soak them in water in the night to keep them moist. Full dentures are provided immediately after your gums have healed after tooth removal. If you are seeking dentures but have lost all your teeth for quite some time, you can begin wearing a complete set of dentures right away.


Partial Dentures


If you have lost a few teeth or had them removed, partial dentures are an excellent option for you. As the partial appliances merely fill the spaces of the missing teeth, the adjacent teeth next to the gap support them. Partial dentures are artificial teeth attached to a metal framework and secured to your natural teeth. They are removable but are better worn all day to prevent your teeth from shifting.


Immediate Dentures


If you plan tooth removal but don’t want to display gaping holes in your mouth, you can discuss the issue with your dentist, who recommends immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are fitted on your gums shortly after tooth removal. Your gums require months to heal after tooth removal while shrinking and changing shape during the healing process. Immediate dentures help temporarily protect the gums during the healing and are a temporary measure to ensure you don’t need to display gaps between your teeth.


Present-day dentures are unlike the dental appliances available earlier and are created to appear realistic. Having dentures in your mouth shouldn’t cause any embarrassment because it is a better option than showing off a toothless grin. Moreover, dentures are the most affordable option for replacing teeth presently than dental bridges or implants, costing thousands of dollars.


You may experience temporary discomfort when you begin wearing dentures initially. However, the pain disappears by itself to leave you with natural-looking artificial teeth in your mouth, allowing you to smile, eat and speak without suffering the consequences of tooth loss.

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