Jul 16, 2022

Why would a tooth need to be extracted?

Should you consider having a tooth pulled merely because you have a toothache? Toothaches aren’t indicators to rush to the dentist to have the tooth extracted. On the contrary, you must look for signs and symptoms that might indicate extraction of the tooth is essential.

This article looks to share with you some realities about when tooth extractions become necessary. Please continue reading to learn more about tooth removal.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Toothaches indicate that you might have to get a tooth extracted. However, you can also overcome toothaches with over-the-counter pain relievers if you are not suffering from severe dental conditions.

Unfortunately, you might need a tooth extracted if you are affected by any of the following:

  • You have severely affected teeth from periodontal disease.
  • You have a badly damaged tooth challenging to restore with fillings or dental crowns.
  • You suffer from pain even after getting a dental filling, crown, or root canal.

However, there are other reasons that don’t cause pain, but you benefit from having a tooth or two extracted. They are:

  • You need orthodontic treatment and extracting extra teeth in your mouth makes the therapy more accessible.
  • Your teeth are putting extra pressure on your remaining teeth because of overcrowding.
  • You have insufficient space in the mouth for the tooth.

You become prone to periodontal disease if you do not practice excellent oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing. The bacteria from the infection destroys the bone supporting the teeth to loosen them, eventually making them ineffective for chewing food.

The bacterial infection also spreads to your other teeth, making it necessary to have the tooth extracted. Ailments like periodontal disease arise only because you don’t practice appropriate dental hygiene.

Besides the above, you might need to have teeth extracted if they are decayed, infected, or damaged, your teeth are not fully functional in your bite, you are unable to brush and floss thoroughly, et cetera.

What Should I Expect During a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are relatively standard and performed on adults by dentists. Tooth removal might not sound pleasant, but it ensures infected and diseased teeth are removed from your mouth to prevent complications later.

When you schedule an appointment for tooth extraction by the dentist in Evergreen Park, you can expect to undergo a minimally invasive procedure without experiencing extreme discomfort during the removal. The dentist ensures you receive adequate anesthesia to numb your tooth and the surrounding gums before starting the removal process.

You receive local anesthesia if you must have a visible tooth removed in a straightforward procedure when the dentist uses elevators to loosen your tooth before eventually removing it with forceps.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for an impacted tooth removal procedure, you must endure a complicated process because the dentist must administer more potent anesthesia and make incisions in your gums before loosening, cutting, and extracting the tooth.

You will likely feel some pressure in your mouth during the tooth removal process without experiencing any discomfort. The dentist also recommends how to manage your recovery by providing an entire list of instructions for you to follow after tooth extraction.

You will experience discomfort from the tooth removal after the anesthesia starts wearing off and must exist on soft foods for a few days until you recover from the removal. Recovery from the extraction of impacted teeth requires more time than visible teeth. However, following your dentist’s instructions does no harm because they aim to help you heal faster without complications.

Extraction at Family Dental Care

All dentists perform tooth extractions, whether straightforward or surgical. Unfortunately, not everyone is compassionate and considers preserving your tooth as best possible before recommending extractions. Therefore if you are apprehensive about getting a tooth extracted, you find it beneficial to schedule your appointment with family dental care, where the dentists will make every effort to save your tooth before eventually recommending a removal.

Even as you begin preparing for the tooth extraction, the dentist collects your entire medical and dental history to ensure they use minimally invasive techniques and appropriate anesthesia to ensure you undergo the tooth extraction without stress or anxiety. Besides providing after-care instructions for your recovery, the professional also recommends you call them if you confront any complications or discomfort from the tooth extraction procedure.

If you must have a tooth extracted for the reasons mentioned earlier, you find it beneficial to schedule an appointment with Family Dental Care — Evergreen Park to complete the process with compassionate and experienced dentists.

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