Jan 01, 2021

Why Preventive Dentistry is Vital for Your Oral Health Regimen

Poor oral hygiene practices may compel you to undergo extensive dental procedures in the future due to severe oral conditions. Following oral health guidelines provided by your dentist in Chicago, IL, can safeguard your oral tissues from severe infections and tooth decay. Dental preventive care services are vital in lessening the risks of gum diseases, dental decay, and other oral health conditions. Effective preventive dental care incorporates both home-based oral care and routine dental appointments to the dental office near you.

What’s Preventive Dental Care?

Preventive dentistry involves procedures that are ideal for keeping your oral tissues healthy. Maintaining optimal oral health involves regular dental visits and regular home-based oral care. At Family Dental Care, we recommend you to make a regular visit to your dentist for dental exams to avoid the risk of having oral health issues. Dental evaluations and screening help identify issues at early stages and enable a suitable treatment plan.

What Preventive Dental Care Entails

Daily oral hygiene measures and routine dental visits are vital approaches used in preventive dentistry. Dental exams enable your dentist to identify dental issues and provide you with a suitable treatment plan. Preventive oral care involves:

  • Fluoride treatment to reverse the action of tooth decay and strengthen teeth. Fluoride treatments in your dental office are more effective, and you need to use recommended mouth rinses and fluoride toothpaste at home.
  • Using digital X-rays, dental lasers, and intraoral cameras enable your dentist to check for signs of dental conditions, including cavities between teeth and issues below your gum line.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings are performed to detect any signs of lesions that cause oral cancer at early stages to enhance treatment.
  • Dental cleaning and screening are performed to detect gum diseases. Professional cleaning is recommended during your routine dental visits to remove plaque and stains. Dental scaling can be performed if you have tartar to prevent severe dental problems.
  • Sealants can be placed on your chewing surfaces to protect your teeth from further damage through decay. Your child should have sealants to prevent tooth decay at a tender age.
  • Mouthguards serve great preventive oral health care strategy since they are custom-made to protect your teeth from traumatic injuries during rigorous sporting activities. They are also applicable in preventing teeth clenching and managing TMJ disorders.
  • Oral malocclusions are addressed through orthodontic aligners, including Invisalign clear aligners. The appliances correct improper bites that can lead to injury and damage to your oral tissues.

Benefits of Preventive Oral Care

Following regular preventive dental exams and care provides you and your child with the benefits outlined below:

  • Minimizes risk for having gum diseases, tooth decay, and severe oral health issues
  • Promotes good oral hygiene practices and ensures you floss and brush regularly
  • Helps identify underlying oral health issues early
  • Reduces dental problems that are linked with chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular issues.
  • Enables your dental specialist to perform a full examination of your jaw bone, mouth tissues, and neck and identify underlying issues.

Dietary Measure for Your Oral Health

Sugary foods and beverages may cause tooth decay. It would be best to lessen the intake of sugary snacks and adopt a dietary lifestyle that’s inclusive of fresh fruits and vegetables. Dairy products are ideal for strengthening your teeth since they contain calcium. Acidic foods attribute to dental erosion of your tooth enamel, which leads to pain and hypersensitivity. Our dentist in Chicago, IL, may recommend you to brush after meals.

Smoking can cause adverse effects on your teeth, including staining, mouth cancer, and tooth loss. Intake of excessive alcohol can put you at risk of having tooth decay and erosion. It’s important to regulate the intake of alcoholic drinks and smoking.

Home-Based Preventive Care

Routine preventive oral health care at home is vital in preserving your oral tissues against decay and periodontal infections. Below are useful tips you need to embrace:

  • Brush your teeth regularly using recommended fluoride-based toothpaste to prevent decay
  • Use soft-bristled interdental brushes to brush your teeth and floss regularly.
  • Rinse your mouth with a non-abrasive anti-bacterial mouthwash. Cleaning your mouth prevents gum diseases.

Undertaking dental preventive care services keeps your oral tissues healthy, and the dentist near you may recommend you to undergo routine dental appointments bi-annually. Preventive dental measures keep your teeth cavity-free and prevent infections. Your dental health affects your well-being. It’s crucial to follow all recommended oral hygiene measures from the dentist near you.

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